Productive Environment Scorecard


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Your answers to the questions in this scorecard will help you find the best path to becoming more productive.  


There are no right or wrong answers. Your responses lead you to productivity insights that match your needs.


Average time to complete is less than four minutes.

Organization, Time Management, and Productivity Services

Are you wasting time looking for critical information in your office? I provide customized organizing and productivity consulting services.


  • Small business owners

  • Telecommuters

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Office Managers

  • Individuals diagnosed with ADD or ADHD


I find your strengths and build upon them so you can achieve the order you've been striving for.


"Kerry has bailed me out of my messes more times than I care to admit. An organized light in the middle of my crazy chaos!"

~Millie Betts, Health Coach/Trainer

"Kerry has made such a difference in my world. She helped me purge and reorganize. My world feels so much easier now that there is a place for everything."

~Colleen Stutz, Eagle Strategies LLC

In April 2017 I was honored to speak at the inaugural TEDx Ashburn event.