Updated: Nov 15


One of my followers wrote that at 4 am as we commented back and forth on one of my posts.

I smiled.

I may have insomnia, but I am RESILIENT.

Contrast that with the first time I truly contemplated the meaning of this word. Rewind about 10 months as I am sitting in my new therapist’s office. She listened as I caught her up on the previous 6 or 7 years as quickly and succinctly as possible.

Her response? “You are very resilient.”

She might as well have cursed at me. It felt as if she hurled those words at my chest like a dagger. The hurt little girl inside of me longed to scream and stomp her foot. “I don’t want to be resilient. I’m tired. I don’t want to HAVE to be resilient!”

Over the course of the last year, I have learned to appreciate resilience, to honor it when I see it in other people, and to celebrate my own.

According to the Oxford Languages Dictionary, resilient people can withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. They remain positive when faced with stress, uncertainty, and change.

I know many friends, colleagues, clients, and acquaintances embody resilience. I know this because resilience leaves clues.

Clue #1: You stay focused on growth. I know people who have written books, started companies, shifted everything about their business, learned how to homeschool their children, learned languages and more during this pandemic. Even people who do not feel they’ve done much of anything have learned new skills such as how to work from home, how to ramp up self-care when needed, or how to budget when times get tight. It may be small or feel insignificant, but we have all grown in some way in 2020. The key is to change your mindset from “what I had to do to survive” to “look what I learned!” That is resilience.

How many of you ate too much, drank too much, slept too much, shopped too much or some other too much this year? I see those hands and hear that snickering. The key is not staying there. That is…

Clue #2: You bounce back quickly. I admit to days of self-pity, a defeated attitude, and lack mentality. But each time I go there these days I stay less time. Each time I come back stronger. I love seeing this in my clients. I work with amazing people who are not suddenly perfect in their decluttering and organizing habits, but because they have new skills they bounce back quickly. They bounce back with more confidence each time. Life, and mess, happens but they are resilient and come back strong!

Clue #3: You surround yourself with quality people. How many of you have coaches, mentors, accountability partners, or amazing close friends? Resilient people intentionally seek out and surround themselves with a circle of like-minded and striving friends and associates. Author Tamara Kulish says, “You become what you surround yourself with. Energies are contagious. Choose carefully. Your environment will become you.” This is why we create productive environments, but it also extends to the people in our lives.

The exciting thing about resilience is it is a skill. It’s related to your personality, but it can be learned and improved over time.

So, if someone marvels at your resilience, don’t dodge it or throw it back. Own it. Make it a hashtag. Live it. And be proud!

“I already did it!”

When my oldest son was about 3 this was one of his favorite phrases.

Time to brush your teeth. I already did it!

Time to take a bath. I already did it!

Time to clean up your toys. I already did it!

The only activity that wasn't met with this refrain was eating. 😉

In his three-year-old mind, once you did something there was no need to go back and do it again.

Luckily, now that he is a fully functioning 24-year old, he understands that some activities will be done repeatedly forever. So far he’s managed to keep himself, his cat, and his dog alive and healthy, maintain a job and a house, and remember to put gas in the car. He's learned to appreciate the art of maintenance.

When I guide my clients through the 5 Step Productive Environment Process the last step is “Sustain Your Success.” I also refer to this step as “Maintenance,” or in my group coaching we call it “Follow Through.” This step is crucial to creating the organized, productive life or business you desire, but often this is where the breakdown occurs.

If you want lasting results and lasting change, here are some ways to sustain your success:

Accountability: Did you know you are 67% more likely to be successful with an accountability partner than if you tackle a goal on your own? While your accountability partner doesn’t have to be on track for the same goal as you, it’s important to identify a person (or group) who understands your goal and is dedicated to checking in to help you reach it. If your goal was to wear your “old” jeans again, find a friend who will check in with you each week and then schedule your workouts in advance.

Scheduled Updates: To make things a habit, you need to schedule them in advance so that you will keep up with them. For example, think of filing papers. Realistically, you won’t file papers every day or as papers come in (which is why I teach my clients to have a place to keep papers “to be filed”). Instead of wishful thinking, schedule the filing. Maybe for you, this is every Wednesday or the last day of every month. I file twice a month during a webinar that I join that is “listen only.” I don’t ever get too far behind, but I also don’t worry about filing at any other time.

You probably have tasks that need maintenance on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly schedule. Your newly organized family room will need a “5-minute tidy” every night, while your garage or attic will need yearly or seasonal upkeep. If the clutter you worked hard to remove was mental or emotional, perhaps schedule time to talk with a friend or professional or plan weekly brain dumps and journaling.

The key is to PLAN this ahead of time (ideally while you are still carrying out the organizing or productivity project) and put it on the calendar.

Remember: what gets scheduled gets done. Accountability and Maintenance are the keys to lasting change.

Have you noticed that when you’re surrounded by clutter, you feel a sense of unrest?

When I am stuck on a project or decision my go-to solution is to declutter something. This isn’t me avoiding the work. Clutter can leave you feeling anxious, stressed, and even depressed. It affects your ability to focus, your sleep, and your anxiety levels. So when I take a bag of donations or sell something I no longer need, I feel lighter and better able to concentrate.

At every moment the objects around you are influencing you and effecting your energy field. So it is time to start being mindful about what you have surrounding you, and whether it is draining you, or bringing you peace.

Clutter is not just the things that we have around us.

But what is clutter?

Clutter is anything that is clogging your life, taking your time, or is a trigger for negative associations. Your life is dictated by what you have around you.

Decluttering isn’t enough to get you out of this space. If you go into it with just intentions of getting rid of “stuff” the piles will just build back up because you aren’t getting to the source. Just doing the "keep, donate, toss" method isn’t enough, when you declutter, it needs to be done to clear out old patterns.

These “things” that you just keep letting slip, and build up, end up becoming energetic blocks that prevent you from gaining the traction you need to reach your goals.

Ask yourself these three questions about the things, habits, and thoughts in your life:

  • Does this bring me happiness?

  • Does this add value to my life?

  • Am I being intentional in keeping this?

If an item hasn’t been used in the last year, you’re not likely to need it in the future. (Unless it is a specialty item like a tent you couldn’t use this summer or a ball gown that still fits and you still love.) That item has become clutter. Sell the items that have value, donate, or throw away the rest. Don’t keep clutter just because money was spent on it!!

Clutter-Free Habits to Start Today!

Start Recycling and Donating Regularly!

Tossing, recycling, and donating items regularly removes cluttered items for good. Make it a part of your routine to tackle these items as soon they become unwanted!

Implement a “One In, One Out” Rule!

Every time you bring something new into your home, another like-item must leave. This is extremely helpful for those that have already thoroughly decluttered and want to maintain the balance within their environment!

The Biggest Clutter Banishing Rule!

This one is a two-part habit, and it can make ALL the difference when it comes to decluttering! Have a designated spot for everything, and put things away after use! If everything you own has a place and you put it back after use. You’ll end up with a neater, clutter-free space for a longer amount of time!

Simplicity is our natural state!

If it piles back up you aren't getting to the source of the problem. There's always an underlying reason. Is stuff your buffer against the world? Your way of hiding who you are? Maybe it’s fear of the future, or clinging to a part of your past that you’re afraid to move on from? Simplicity is our natural state. Assessing these deeper issues, and working to find a positive way to move through your underlying issue of clutter helps bring you a sense of peace in so many different areas in your life.

I Challenge You to Re-program Your Mind!

When you take charge of the different thoughts, patterns, and routines you want in your life you can make them happen. Clutter and disorganization is a habit that has been accumulated throughout your lifetime. I challenge you to start making small changes every single day in your routine. When you start doing this your brain automatically becomes more engaged. It is up to you to make a change and stick with it.

This task can feel overwhelming and daunting to tackle on your own. If this is something you just can’t imagine being able to handle alone, reach out! We can come up with a plan for you to make a change that can effectively and positively change your life!

Schedule a call and let's get started!